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The cooled modules and systems by MODULSYSTEM are built according to EC standards on the environment, hygiene, and safety at work as well as following strict production and quality control procedures, making use of stainless steel compliant with ASI regulations and CFC-free polyurethane foam.

The industrial refrigerators and built-in modules are supplied in standard or customized versions, also based on customers' design, according to all current regulations, and they can be adapted to every need, such as, for example, use on high-speed trains.

With their compliance to technical requirements of construction, CE certifications, EEC EMC, and rigorous testing, our cooling modules and systems meet all applicable standards and position themselves at the highest level of construction technology currently in use.

Not only do the built-in cooling modules and systems developed by Modulsystem take advantage of the standard legal warranties, but they also benefit from the unique experience and professionalism of the company, a leader in this specific technology and production niche market..